"ISTANBUL ART SHOW" BEGINS Istanbul is one of the important centers of the world art map, with its museums, galleries, exhibitions and art fairs. The most recent example of the increasing number of art fairs, especially in the last decade, is the Istanbul Art Show, which will be held from December 14-16.

Set out with a motto "art for all", Istanbul Art Show brings art and artists from every country, every culture and every community to the art lovers, at Istanbual Hilton Exhibition Center. The interdisciplinary fair, which will accommodate many different kinds of artworks, aims to make art accessible to everyone and to touch people from all walks of style.  

Istanbul has been the cradle of rich civilizations that feed each other for centuries. With its cosmopolitan culture that brings people together from various religions, languages and races, Istanbul now hosts Istanbul Art Show that brings together all different art styles from contemporary to traditional and digital.

At Istanbul Art Show, which will be held with the participation of artists from Turkey and the world, art lovers will be able to visit art galleries, as well as listen to speakers, at seminars and panels, about the boundaries and the scope of contemporary art. The Istanbul art Show will also include art lovers in production processes with side events such as live performances and workshops.

Artists interested in painting, sculpture, ceramics, graphics, photography and digital art; national and international art galleries, contemporary art museums, collectors, and art education institutions will all meet at the Istanbul art Show.

For more information: http://www.istanbulartshow.com/en.html