EURASIA TUNNEL OPENS The Eurasia Tunnel, connecting the Asian and European continents underneath the Marmara seabed, was opened on December 20, 2017, with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım and a large number of foreign guests, including ministers and ambassadors.

The tunnel, expected to provide a practical solution to Istanbul's traffic problem, reduces the travel time from 100 minutes to 15 minutes on a route with heavy traffic.

While the traffic flow will become smoother thanks to the expansion and regulation of connection roads at the entrance and exit points of the tunnel, the tunnel will also help reduce environmental pollution and noise. The Eurasia Tunnel, which will significantly reduce the travel time between Istanbul's Kazlıçeşme on the European side and Göztepe on the Asian side, was planned in connection with 15 July Martyrs’, Fatih Sultan Mehmet and Yavuz Sultan Selim bridges crossing the Bosphorus Strait.

The two-story tunnel, which is 14.5-kilometer long, including a 5.4-kilometer section under the Bosphorus, has been constructed for rubber-wheeled vehicles only. The construction of the tunnel began in 2011 and has cost an estimated $1.25 billion. Built 106 meters under the Bosphorus, the tunnel is expected to be used by 100,000 vehicles per day.

Constructed with the most advanced design, technology and engineering applications, the tunnel is designed to withstand earthquakes of magnitude up to 7.5 on Richter scale. Furthermore, with its advanced security features, it can be used as a shelter when necessary.

Environment-friendly Eurasia Tunnel will reduce fuel consumption and the amount of harmful gas released into the air by shortening travel distances and providing traffic flow. The Eurasia tunnel also provides uninterrupted 4.5G mobile data service at 106 meters below the sea level. The coverage will be provided with 16 radio station transmitters.

The tolls are determined as the Turkish Lira equivalent of $4 plus VAT for automobiles and $6 plus VAT for minibuses in the first year.