Nurullah Naci KALKANCI

Nurullah Naci KALKANCI
Responsible for the Following Institutions / Districts


  1. Secretariat-General of the National Security Council
  2. Head of Supreme Council for Fight against Terrorism
  3. Coordination duties regarding Cyprus



  1. Provincial Police Department
    1. Head of Provincial Police Disciplinary Committee
    2. Provincial Guarding Committee
    3. Head of Provincial Special Security Commission
  2. Operations of Provincial Public Order Crisis Centre
  3. Provincial Labour Strikes Counselling Committee
  4. Head of Labour Strikes and Lock-Outs Committee
  5. Duties and operations regarding the Istanbul Traffic Foundation
  6. Provincial Gendarmerie Command
  7. Coast Guard Command
    1. Coast Guard Marmara and Straits Area Command
    2. Coast Guard Reparation Support Command
    3. Coast Guard Supply Centre Command
  8. Head of Department of Smuggling Intelligence Operation Data Collection
  9. Receipt of notifications due to Acts with number 2911 and 2559


Districts :

  1. Üsküdar
  2. Kadıköy