M. Bahattin ATÇI

M. Bahattin ATÇI
Responsible for the Following Institutions / Districts

Ministry Of Interior

  1. Provincial Directorate of Associations


Ministry Of Labor And Social Security

  1. Provincial and District Directorates of Social Security Institution
    1. Provincial Directorate of Work and Labor Institution
    2. Provincial Department of Employment and Vocational Education Board
    3. Tracking work related projects conducted with United Nations and International Labor Organization
    4. Activities related to State Officials Unions and collective labor agreements
    5. Seasonal Temporary Agricultural Laborers Watch Committee
  3. Istanbul Group Department of Work Inspection Council
  4. Council of Professional Competence
  5. State Personnel Administration
  6. General Directorate of Turkey and Middle East Public Administration Institute (TODAİE)

Ministry Of Health

  1. General Directorate of Health at Borders and Coasts
  2. Provincial Directorate of Health
  3. Directorate of Public Health
  4. Procedures related to State Hospitals Association, health facilities, and health institutions of Foundation and Universities
  5. Council of Provincial Tobacco Control


  1. Kartal
  2. Sultanbeyli