Cemalettin ÖZDEMİR

Cemalettin ÖZDEMİR
Responsible for the Following Institutions / Districts
  1. Duties and operations regarding the Supreme Electoral Council and the Electoral Councils



    1. TOKİ Istanbul Head Office of Enforcement
    2. TOKİ Emlak Konut Real Estate Investment Company 
  2. Head Office of Turkish Investment Support and Promotion Agency
  3. Central Bank of Turkish Republic
  4. Agriculture Bank of Turkish Republic 
  5. People’s Bank of Turkey (Halkbank)
  6. Development Bank of Turkey
  7. Export Credit Bank of Turkey (Eximbank)
  8. Foundations Bank of Turkey (Vakıfbank)



  1. Provincial Chief Clerk
  2. Administrative Services Branch Office Directorate
  3. Operations regarding the Public Residences Law
  4. Operations regarding the State Officers Law with the number of 657 and 4/C staff
  5. IT Branch Office Directorate of Governor’s Office



  1. Provincial Financial Office
  2. Head of Istanbul Tax Office
  3. Head Offices of National Estate of European and Anatolian Sides
  4. Head of Big Taxpayers Tax Ofiice
  5. Head of Tax Audit Council
  6. Istanbul Regional Directorate of State Supply Office
  7. Corporate operations regarding the Tobacco, Tobacco Products, Salt, Alcohol Enterprises
  8. Public Procurement Authority
  9. National Lottery Administration
  10. Establishments in the Privatization Portfolio of the Province


Districts :

  1. Bakirkoy
  2. Eyup
  3. Kagithane