Responsible for the Following Institutions / Districts

Ministry Of Interior

  1. Provincial Directorate of Local Authorities
    1. Works about following, evaluating and supporting the implementations and policies of investments and services of local administrations
    2. Prevention and dissolution of unlicensed constructions
  2. Directorate of Provincial Administration Board
  3. Provincial Head of Disciplinary Board
  4. Branch Directorate for Legal Affairs of Governorship
  5. Operations and procedures related to minorities
  6. Handling the procedures in lawsuits regarding the laws 2911, 5681, 5187 and 2559


Ministry Of Transport, Maritime Affairs And Communications

  1. 1st Regional Directorate of Istanbul
  2. 1st Regional Directorate of Highways
    1. Istanbul Postal Telegraph and Telephone General Directorial Office for Asian and European Sides
    2. Istanbul General Directorial Office of Mail Handling and Distribution of Asian and European Sides
  3. Regional Directorate for Information and Communication Technologies Authority
  4. Provincial Telecom Directorates of European and Asian Sides
  5. 1st Regional Directorate of Turkish State Railways
  6. Complaints related to GSM Operators
  7. Marmaray Regional Directorate


Districts :

  1. Gaziosmanpaşa
  2. Sultangazi